Monday, January 10, 2011

The Beginnings of A Druid's Tale

"The world is upon the brink of all out war, as the races from all across Azeroth are forced to claim their place in history.  The elements and forces of nature rage against the edges of civilization, as factions battle over petty feuds.  Humans, Dwarves, and Gnomes are not the only key players in this struggle.  Out of the shadows of night and from the deep reaches of the forest a forgotten people are needed to cease their isolation and stand strong again.  This is the tale of one such person, one who would reunite the races and fight the coming Nightmare."-Ysera

The cool breeze of the evening filtered through the forest canopy of Nordrassil.  The majestic tree reached towards the heavens like a pillar overshadowing the landscape for miles around. While the leaves gently swayed from the currents of the air under their canopy stirred a small community of Kaldorei.  The Kaldorei were known in the Common tongue as Night Elves.  In this secluded vale there was new life being brought forth into the world.

For many years the Circles of the Druids, belonging to different Aspects, had awaited the birth of a son who would rise up to become a great leader and champion.  This long awaited champion would also carry a great burden of responsibility and legacy.  Finally the waiting was over, this was at last that watched for hour.  The forest stilled itself to listen to the first cries of a baby who held such a promise.

The family that was to bear this youth was under the headship of an Archdruid, Farethilus Moonsayer.  An elder well respected for his wisdom and battle tested courage.  He had stood among the ranks of Night Elves eons ago in a bloody conflict against The Burning Legion. An enemy numbering in the thousands bent on total destruction of the world and nature itself.  Farethilus had called upon the fury of nature and arcane powers in defeating those foes.  Still bearing the scars and memories of that distant past, he would never forget.  But from those long ago wars he also maintained a deep bond and friendship with a fellow Druid named Malfurion Stormrage.  A powerful leader of all the people of the wood, once lost to the Emerald Dream.

In Farethilus's lodge there were many family members and friends from nearby groves that helped in preparing the feast celebrating the House's newest member.  There was an atmosphere of eager expectation.The tables and dishes were being filled with the finest fruits, nuts, and breads.  At one of these tables two lady Night Elves chattered excitedly.

"Can you believe how hard this pregnancy was on Lady Galdrian?" the taller one said to her friend that was placing the wooden bowls and silver goblets around the long table.  "She carried him longer then most children of our kind.  And then the strange manners of the Priests from the Temple or Druids from the Cenarion Circle stopping by and putting their hand on her belly whenever they visited?"

Her friend replied, "They must know something special about him that has not been revealed yet.  We will get to see him soon enough.  The Archdruid Stormrage is up there with them now.  Just image what he had to do in order to travel here and oversee the birth, that alone is worth taking note of." 

The smell of roasted meat from a freshly slain stag rose in the air, the aroma of spices and dressing wet every one's appetite.  Rarely was meat eaten, but this sweet dish had been given as a gift to honor the Moonsayer's newest addition and those gathered.  A neighboring Night Elf lord was busily pouring out flasks of berry wine from his own vintage into tall pitchers to be shared freely.  He hummed to himself with merriment.  A feast was a splendid occasion to drink and laugh, and he privately enjoyed supplying his beverages at any gathering.  All the guests assembled now awaited the presentation of the boy.

The Night Elves weren't the only ones gathering to witness this moment in history.  On the surrounding hills a pair of Centaurs and a few Dryads stood silently watching, while a pride of Night Sabers sat nearby.  All of them were staring at the upper window of a home crafted from the living tree.

Inside that open window was a room belonging to Lady Galdrian Moonsayer.  The life mate and bride of Archdruid Farethilus, she was cherished by all who knew her.  As a women Night Elf she had been among the first of her people to join the Cenarion Circle as a female Druid.  There was a time when that special class of Wardens guarding Nature and the Emerald Dream were only allowing noble male heirs to become part of their ranks.   She had studied under the teachings of the Keepers of the Grove, mastering the healing arts which she could tap into mending any wound, even bring some back from a fatal demise.  She had also served several years as a Sentinel in the conflict against outside intruders in the Southern forests in Ashenvale.  A strong capable women of nobility, a battle proven Druid healing her allies, and now a mother.

Laying back on the soft bed, with feather stuffed cushions supporting her, she hummed an ancient love lullaby to her son.  The bond between a mother and son is a deep connection that stays with the mother long after her child has left the home, and Lady Galdrian wanted to tattoo this memory in detail on her heart.  In her arms lay her swaddled baby.  The difficult and long months were worth the reward.

"I will be your mother and you will be my son no matter what comes in the future.  May there always be love and peace with you." She thought to herself with uncertainty.  "If only Elune would spare him from the fate that has been foretold though the ages awaiting him."  A single tear escaped her eyelids as she continued to hum over him, a song of sweetness and sorrow.

The joys of a newborn child swam against the waves of concerns, because life was full of hardships.  No one would face the hardships that lay out in time before this innocent youth . His very emergence into the twilight world had brought much joy to these two parents.  Although the details and the exact encounters his story would encompass remained shrouded in untold mists.  In the minds of these parents so intimately involved, it was like watching a thunderous, dark, and limitless storm approaching on the horizon.  The winds of trouble pushed against their inner thoughts, with the force of a gale hurricane.  Holding out for hope their minds' eye looked not to the blackest of the storm but to the calm and clear air that followed all storms.  The promise of better things to come afterwards.

Malfurion Stormrage stood in the corner of the room silently and patiently looking on as these two Night Elves, dear friends, lived in the moment with their son.  Never did the spectacle of seeing new life taking its first breath fail to fill him with awe.  The gift of life was a dear treasure to him personally.  In light of their lost immortality the Archdruid appreciated each moment in the centuries that his people still had to walk out.  Having once been blessed to never know the cold touch of life's limits, he held on to the warmth that was so near to him now.  Over time that warmth would fade cooler and cooler till like the Autumn season's leaves they would be blown away on the chill of Winter's reach.

Farethilus gathered the boy in his arms and carried him over to the hearth that glowed with magical light and warmth.  The father then sat in a chair of solid birch wood that had once grown up from that very floor and remained fixed as a place of rest and reflection, before the crackling fire.

The father spoke to himself, Galdrian, and Malfurion all at the same, "What shall we name him?"

For a long time neither of the three said anything aloud. There were to many questions, thoughts, and paths that stretched out before them.  A name held power and the name with which this young night elf would be known by would ring out across the whole of Kalimdor, even carrying across the seas of all Azeroth.  As the noise from downstairs started to settle and the rhythm of the night floated in from the forest, a whisper quietly passed among them.

Staring up into the eyes of his father for the first time the baby's eye beamed with a rare amber glow for one so young.  This hint of promise was not missed by Farethilus or Malfurion, and they both looked at each other with a nod of agreement.  Newborn night elves were normally born with silver eyes that reflected like the moonlight off still water, but this boy was different.  Some how they were aged and full of seeing with understanding.

"His name shall be Draccus Moonsayer", the father spoke towards the mother.  "For he was born with a sign and is full of promise.  His eyes glow brilliant amber long before most druids ever change, and he will be a force of both damage and healing in time."

She turned unexpectedly towards the Great Archdruid Stormrage and asked pointedly, "What will he become?  And will you do all that you can to see that he is prepared?

"Who the boy becomes and if he is prepared to face the journey ahead is not mine to decide Lady Moonsayer, for we can only play our parts.  The remaining task of fulfilling the promise before him, rests with him."

Malfurion then moved to the hearth and looked out the window to the eager crowd gathered below, "I will consult the Centurion Circle and the other Aspects of the Druids to see what paths may be open, but for now lets us go downstairs and share with everyone this Night Elf named Draccus."

The Saga continues with....The Ailills First Steps


  1. I think this is a wonderful start to a beautiful story my love. I think you did a terrific job. :)


  2. Thanks love, appreciate the feedback, but you need to get your own blogger account. Besides you are not supposed to show up in the story until several years later. Come on now, whose robbing the craddle.

  3. Wow!!! This is beautiful! You're incredibly talented!

  4. To all the graceous readers there is more to come as this post continues to be edited. I have received some graceous help from Akabeko and Ophelie with input in making the story easier to read and richer.