About The Story

This blog is an intentional narrative of a character I have played in World of Warcraft(WoW) for going on four years.  I was drawn to the Druid class in the game for the multiple roles and capabilities that I could fill.  I ended up going with the talent specialization of Balance at first and then later picked up Restoration with Dual Specialization(DS) that was introduced with Wrath of the Lich King expansion.  I have always taken pleasure in being able to play these two roles proficiently from the beginning.  I enjoy switching back and forth between dealing a nice bit of damage from a distance with blasts of Nature and Arcane, and then becoming the walking Treant of Healing with stacks of Healing Over Time(HoT) spells popping from my allies and members of the group. 

I am an admitted fan and dedicated student when it comes to learning and growing as a druid, and because of that drive I was lead online outside of WoW to the community as a whole.  Through various other blogs, sites, and forums I saw that I was not the only one that treasured the druid characters that we have all come to claim as a part of ourselves.  The passion I have for and the learning of druids in WoW sees no end to what I could improve upon in my gaming performance as well as offering a helping hand to other druids in game.  Recently I came to a point where I wanted to be able to give back to the community as a whole.

I am not really one for laying out great guides or breaking down the minimums vs. maximums of damage per second, or what is the best rotation for best output.  Even disseminating information from Blizzard Staff Blue Posts telling of the buffs or incoming nerfs to a beloved class is not an area I am pulled towards.  I constantly follow, read, and study what others out there are so graciously putting time and effort into, and I will maintain a solid page of links to those sites for references, but this will primarily be a place of exploration and character development of my druid Draccus as well as those that I play with in WoW, and with direct input and permission other druids and players that I so respect and appreciate.

This is a saga that I hope to expand and grow with each entry.  Hopefully with the input from other people with a like minded passion for their characters the story will blossom as they become apart of the telling.  The broad vision for this story is an adventure that several people can come along for as either characters wrapped up in the tale, or simply those that want to follow along and read about what unfolds.  It can be a communal experience, like watching a movie or reading a great book where you are transported into the midst of everything going on.  My aim is that by combining the game of World of Warcraft and the endless hours we have all poured into building our avatars and capturing the story, lore, and memories we have had and reliving them here for all to catch a glimmer of that spirit.

Come sit for a spell or two, and share in the story.