Join the Story

All throughout the ages there have been stories that resonate in the hearts of the readers.  From Homer's Odyssey that follows the struggles of one man fighting to return home against overwhelming odds, to the unknown author that spun the bards tale of Beowulf's battles against monsters both physical and internal, we are in rapture by the details of these figures of myth.  The merry and sometimes quarrelsome companies in Shakespeare's plays remind us of the drama that life brings us when lived and shared amongst the living.  There would be a severe error on my part in describing the virtues of a story woven out of friendship, companionship, and brethren in battle if I were to not mention respectfully the works of J.R.R. Tolkien, and more recently the penmanship of R.A. Salvatore.  These great writers that have painted so beautifully the detailed workings of a story with numerous characters locked in a tale bigger then themselves give us an example and a legacy to continue.

I do not dare to presume any skill or craft even on parallel with writers before me that have paved and cut a path out of the wilderness of human storytelling.  To create from a thought and give birth to a world and the characters in it is a gift many possess, but few develop beyond a passing wish.  I acknowledge and gratefully embrace what men and women greater then me have done before in the literary world.  I do not wish to become a giant but rather to stand on giants' shoulders and see the world from their point of view.

This brings me to the point of this page.  I am not an island nor a solely inspired individual that is attempting to create a world out of nothingness.  An amazing company in Blizzard Entertainment has drawn, mapped out, and continually patched together a virtual world that almost has a life all unto itself, and for their efforts there is not enough credit.  There is a community of dedicated fans that write and maintain a wealth of knowledge and information on countless websites.  And then there is the pivotal aspect that makes everything worth any mention of reference, You!  There is nothing as important or as significant as each single person in the telling of tale that envolves the multitude of people.  I am writing of a character that I personally play and enjoy deeply, but what I thrive on and relish in even more then that is the people I play with and the community of other players coming together.

I respectly and sincerely request and invite anyone that is interested in sharing their character's story and background with me to do so.  To have another character step out of the shadows and contribute by a verse, and if for nothing else to enrich the story further.  A fellowship requires for there to be more then one adventurer along the journey, and I look forward to the next person that walks with us in this story is ours.

I can be reached at the "My Message Mailbox" email address provided or simply follow along with me at Twitter under @DraccusDruid and I will contact you directly.  Whatever medium works for you, I encourage you to express and share with those that you would your own character's story and how they came to be.