Monday, January 17, 2011

The AiLill's First Steps

The wooden staircase curved in a gentle slope along the trunk of the tree allowing passage from the sleeping quarters to the common area below.  The leaves painted in rich purples, deep greens, and some even tinted in blues lightly dusted the walkway.  Malfurion Stormrage lead Farethilus and Galdrian Moonsayer towards the Night Elf community with the boy in their arms.  Upon reaching the lower platform a hush washed over those gathered, and all eyes turned in their direction.

By now the Moon had begun to cast her first beams of light, that pierced the darkness.  There were torches that aided in lighting the surrounding vale, but none that burned from tar or pitch that fumed the air with a rank smell.  The flames from these lamps that licked and danced in the air were of a magical source.  A light that shone clearly, illuminating the ground and all those nearest, all the while emitting a hue of arcane blue.

Glancing out at the faces, which increasingly grew more numerous as more came traveling in, Farethilus gasped in awe and awareness at those who had covered such distances.  A pair of Storm Crows glided in from the bows of the trees to rest on the ground before shape shifting into Night Elves.  In the distance he could hear the stealthy wings of several Hippogryphs ferrying their riders to this spot.

"Our brothers and sisters of the wood have come from far tonight to honor us and the celebration." Farethilus whispered to Galdrain. "I see two Feral Druids from Moonglade that teach the way of the Cat and Bear.  Behind that small crowd over there is another Druid hidden under a hooded cloak, but the form being much more stout then us Kaldorei I believe it is a Tauren Druid!"

Lady Galdrian tensed her sinewy muscles and stared directly at the Druid from the Plains, "If that horned creature so much as stomps the ground in aggression I will call forth a powerful blast of nature's wrath and knock it off its hoofed feet."

Malfurion missing nothing of their conversation turned his head slightly, "Peace Lady Moonsayer, I have invited our brothers and sisters of the Plains.  They are due an equal share of the joy as well as a place among our Circles as Druids.  We all are dedicated to preserving and protecting Nature and her allies, and we will not fight against one another.  Besides honored Sentinel, the Druid you would have tried to knock back is a sister of the Keepers of the Grove.  A powerful Restoration Guardian, and many have tried to knock her down."

Farethilus was busy scanning the crowd for anyone else that he might recognize or that would standout in this assemblage.  So focused on witnessing the swelling throngs of people before him, he hardly noticed the little boy in his arms becoming heavier and more active.  He looked at the boy in his arms that was looking back at him with puzzlement on his face.  The young Night Elf then turned his head around taking in the scene for the first time.  Gently setting the boy down, he stepped back to witness a profound moment.

Just several hours old, and already Draccus was entering into his first cycle of transformation as a Night Elf.  Although he was born with the seeing eyes of the amber glow, a rare gift bestowed at birth, what he now was experiencing all Night Elves before him had experienced.  The Changeling Cycle was little know outside of the society of Kaldorei.  A secret closely guarded and only shared with those entrusted within the Circle of Druids or the Priests of Elune.

Nature and magic weaved their essence into the very fibers of a Night Elf's body once he was born.  Often the process would leave marks or physical alterations on the young form.  The truth behind why outsiders and most villages were void of visible children was because there was an overwhelming force unleashed on newborns that sped up the growth and awareness of each child.  This was one of nature's ways of protecting the fledgling Night Elf from natural predators like spiders, wild animals, and from the weaknesses of a defenseless youth.  This transformation also aided in the development of communication, intellect, strength, stamina, and agility.  One of the greatest of all believed reasons why every single Night Elf underwent the Changeling Cycle was to form a shared bond and link to the community and with nature and magic itself.  This ageless symbiosis created an avenue for an individual to draw power, guidance, and form a connection, as was fitting to their unique calling, from the elements and life around them.  Some would use this medium for the mending and healing of what was once broken and dead, to bring new life in plants and flesh alike.  Others would channel the focus, rage, and powers of nature and arcane itself in raining down devastation to enemies or battling whatever foe may stand against them.

And indeed the transformation had affected Draccus deeply, for he was aware and stronger then he was just moments ago.  His limbs had lengthened to a degree and while not yet capable of bearing weight other then his own, he no longer appeared a newborn. He was a youngling with an inner strength that was fully his and also ever growing and changing.  He heard the voices and whispers of those that stood near to him.  Many faces stared back at him with a shared knowledge of his passage from birth to life to awareness, and he was comforted by that.

How long have I been able to perceive clearly those that were older and taller then me, but of the same blood, Draccus wondered.

He gazed with instant recognition upon the two Night Elves standing at his side.  A strong and gentle hand held his small left hand tightly, this lord Night Elf was none other then his father.  He sensed that bond more firm then the ground he stood on.  His other hand had grabbed a fist full of emerald silk fabric cascading down a beautiful lady Night Elf.  The  flowing robe was complimented by a cloak of pure white, pinned with a delicate jewel, and her head was crowned in a wreath.  A mother's eyes looked down on him, and he felt loved as no one could describe.

A third prominent Night Elf stood in front of him and the way he towered over the boy and commanded respect from the entire crowd, he wondered who this mighty lord of importance was.  And then this figure of importance spoke in a voice that sounded far and wide across the vale and into the hearts of everyone gathered.

"This is the awaited boy, Draccus Moonsayer!  It is with him that I will entrust great responsibility and power when the times comes.  He is one of us, as we all can see by his eyes that glow brilliant amber, but he will need all of us to prepare him for what lays ahead.  He will one day wield the full forces of both Nature and Arcane in the balance of combat, taking on the sacred form within the Druid Circle of a Moonkin.  He also will become a Guardian of Restoration that the Dragon Aspects will come to know and many allies will rest assured in."

Upon the declaration being bestowed by the Archdruid and with both parents at his side Draccus took his first steps into the world eager to embark on his foretold future.

The Saga continues with....Times of Raising Them Up

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