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Delgadita's Account & A Gifted Secret Lantern #FFW

a belated #FFW gift from Escapist Scrawl

The air was heavy with moisture; it weighed down on the frail Undead as she poked around the rabbit trails of Feralas. The day had just past noon, but the land seemed closer to dusk, the way the mist and clouds shrouded the sun. Searchingly she poked at some brushes with her staff, nothing stirred. Determined to corner her prize, she continued jabbing at clumps of grass, shaking the nearest bush, and kicking clods of mud into burrows.

Delgadita in a fit of frustration swung her staff high and whacked a nearby rock, the size of a rat, sending it pinging off a tree before it crashed into some rushes next to a stream. Suddenly a streak of white darted out from under the cover of the bank. This was what she had been waiting to see all day.

The chase was on. She whistled for her quick footed gazelle fawn to catch up with it. Another of her pets, a skunk shambled quickly after, and was then followed by a chicken. This trio of battle ready pets would trap this white elfin rabbit, and for their efforts there would be treats for all when they finally arrived in Camp Mojache.

The wild rabbit was corned and tried to burrow out an escape in order to avoid the first stomp from the gazelle. Realizing the futility of flight it turned to fight. The rabbit spun to come up behind the gazelle and gave it a forceful, thumping kick. The gazelle was licking its wounds as the rabbit turned to burrow again, but the ever clever gazelle caught the critter off guard and stomped its fluffy tail, weakening it slightly. The enraged rabbit countered with another kick, making the gazelle's forelegs buckle. The gazelle bleated for help, and then the skunk came barreling in.

The skunk let off a horrible stench, confusing the rabbit, causing its next kick to miss. The odorous beast, impervious to its own smell, slashed repeatedly at the rabbit, weakening it further. He poised for another attack spray to neutralize the furry menace they had been searching for all day.

Delgadita saw her opportunity, and threw down her trap, securing the rabbit from any unnecessary additional harm. She did after all want to add this creature to her collection alive. The panicked rabbit squeaked in protest.

The caged animal's noise alerted a nearby squirrel who began throwing acorns at the skunk. The skunk scampered away to escape the barrage, but the chicken came to its rescue. The hen squawked and kicked an egg at the squirrel. The chicken then launched itself and flew over to the acorn assilant and began beating the squirrel in the face with her wings.

Chattering angrily, the squirrel ran off, leaving Delgadita and her brood with their prize. Calling to her animal friends she put them back in their carriers, and scooped up the occupied trap. The rabbit was unconscious, yet breathing normally. She would have to care for it at the camp.

The sun had gone down fully by the time Delgadit and her critters entered Camp Mojache. They headed straight for the medical tent; she needed some supplies to heal her elusive white rabbit, as well as something to splint the poor gazelle's front legs.

As she stepped in from the evening air, a fire was glowing in the middle of the structure, which cleverly had an opening just big enough to vent out the smoke through the ceiling. A female Tauren sat near the fire looking sad and worried. This Tauren Druid from the look of her armor was also holding a pet of her own. There were other healers in the tent working on another female Tauren who looked a bit worse for the wear.

A Troll with a bloodied apron and a handful of bandages noticed her standing there. "Can you handle yourself?"

"As long as I have a few specific supplies to tend to my pets." Delgadita replied shortly. She asked quickly to not bother the Troll more then needed. "Where can I find some strips of clean linen, fresh peacebloom, and several small, straight sticks to use as a brace?"

"Near the door where you came in there are some herbs in a clay pot. We are short on linen, but there should be some kindling at the back of the tent that is straight enough."

The resourceful Forsaken rounded up what supplies were available, and then pulled her talbard over her shoulders. Never very fond of the gaudy pink item, she ripped it into strips and used it to splint the gazelle's legs. Settling the fawn by the fire, she then tended to the rabbit. After bruising the peacebloom she applied it to the scratches the skunk had inflicted. With another strip of her talbard, she wrapped the wounded rabbit snugly. Satisfied that sleep would finish mending the wound, she gently placed the rabbit into its cage. She then pulled out a small sack of sweet oats and a box of crunchy grubs as treats for her team to feast on. Delgadita mentally noted that she would have to pick up some carrots or savory greens for her new companion.

"Troll. May I leave these two to convalesce while I find a spot in the inn to spend the night?"

"They be in cages, for sure they can can stay." The Troll nodded agreeably. "Best move them from the fire so they don't get eaten for dinner accidentally. Been awhile since we tasted fresh gazelle meat or had stewed rabbit." He licking his lips while he talked, his eye twinkled as if he was thinking about which recipe to use already.

Delgadita looked at the Tauren sitting by the fire as she headed out to the inn. Silently the Tauren shook her head letting her fellow Horde member know that her pets would not end up on the feast table.

Camp Mojache's inn was festively decorated with colored lights strung high in the rafters. A tree thrice the size of the biggest Tauren stood in the center of the large main room. The ornaments were shattered reminders of the similar ornaments on the tree in her past life. Amongst the broken, faded bobbles hung axes, swords, shrunken heads, and handmade Horde symbols. A heavy iron chain was strung around the tree like garland. There were a few packages under the tree, wrapped in bits of colorful cloth and hide, tied with string.

Delgadita walked up to the innkeeper and asked, "Do you have a cot or run available for me to spend the night?"
"Upstairs." Replied the Innkeeper Greul gruffly. "You should be undisturbed tonight. Most everyone is down near the Camp proper, waiting for the Commander to allow his favorite Rogue to cut up some Night Elf scum."

Nodding to the innkeeper the weary Undead Priest climbed the stairs to the sleep room. She found a small chair next to a bear skin rug and hung her pack from the back of the chair.

Laying down on the rug, tired more mentally then physically, she felt drained. She wondered if the Undead ever would physically tire out before their mind became exhausted. Crossing her arms over her chest, more from habit than anything else, she tried to clear her head to rest. The chance to steal a brief moment of peace was so rare for her, so she closed her eyes.

The night was mostly quiet except save for the Goblin Commander's voice piercing the night. His voice carried up to where Delgadita was laying, it sounded like he was posturing and cruelly making someone the target of his rhetoric. She decided to get up, leaving her pack behind, and see the reason for this event.

There was a rise in the layout of Camp Mojache overlooking the rest of the land, to where she was just far enough away to be out of line of sight but close enough to witness the happenings. By the light of the bonfire, Delgadita could see the Night Elf was young for his race; although probably much older than many of those gathered below.

Near this sole Alliance member a hungry looking Troll, daggers dripping with some noxious substance, stood ready to pounce. The Commander was going on about how this Night Elf had conspired to get in behind enemy lines by helping a hurting Tauren Druid. He was clearly painting him as no innocent Druid, but rather a force to be dealt with. And by the looks of it, deal with him they would. The Goblin was trying very hard to gain the crowds respect and here was the perfect opportunity. Most Horde were happy to make an example of one Alliance member for the sins of the many.

The Commander gestured to the Troll, and she mimicked slashing the prisoner's throat.

This felt wrong. Delgadita felt compelled to intervene somehow. So she silently joined the rest of the rest of the crowd and worked her way to the front of the pack. An idea solidified as she positioned herself within range of the Commander and the lone Night Elf Druid. She muttered the words to one of her spells and cast it on the Goblin.

"I am insecure in my leadership... I am only torturing this Night Elf to earn your favor." The Commander said under the spell of Confession, a form of mind control that Delgadita had cast as a Shadow Priest.

The crowd started to murmur among themselves. The confused Troll looked to the Commander for some hint of clarification. Still powerless to stop his confession, the Goblin stammered. "I will make him suffer for any possible information on the Alliance movements in the area. He will not be set free. He is our enemy!"

The crowd was now divided over this sudden outburst, it had created an atmosphere of chaos. Their voices rose in a jumble as they argued what they should do next.

This was Delgadita's one opportunity. She unhooked a small enchanted lantern from her belt and emerging from the shadows, she raced to stand behind the lone Druid.

"May it lead you through the darkness and back into the light. Happy Winter's Veil. I wish there was more I could do for you."

The surprised Night Elf tucked the gift within his waistband secretly to hide it under his plain tunic.

As Delgadita slipped away into the shadows of the rear of the crowd, she heard the Commander's voice yelling out once again.

"Skrarto! Begin your craft for which you have so earned your reputation! Let us see what colors this wretch can bleed."

Back in the inn Delgadita arranged her things quickly so that she could leave as soon as the guard changed. She closed her eyes, and hoped that her small gift could help that poor soul see another dawn.

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